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Commercial HVAC Services Houston

Commercial Hvac Services Houston

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The K&R Mechanical Commercial HVAC Services Houston, TX team has all the necessary know-how, tools, and experience to tackle any size project.

And, since commercial heating and cooling in Houston, TX, is our primary focus, you can feel confident that we’ll always put your needs first.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Commercial HVAC Contractor For Your Installation

Safe Installation

A professional HVAC contractor provides a safe work environment for both contractors and occupants of the building. When commercial HVAC installation is performed safely, occupants will not be exposed to dangerous gases or have to worry about tripping over holes in the floor that have been covered up haphazardly.

Improved HVAC Efficiency

Refrigerants leak out of equipment and lines over time. This decreases the efficiency and raises the energy costs associated with running a commercial HVAC system. When professionals install the equipment, they can make sure that it is operating at peak performance to minimize unnecessary energy expenditures.

Lower Energy Costs

A certified commercial HVAC contractor will be able to install your commercial HVAC system in the best possible way, so that it runs at maximum efficiency. This results in lower monthly energy costs. If your system is not properly installed, it may work much harder than it needs to and as a result use more energy.

Longer Unit Life

In addition to a proper installation, an experienced contractor will schedule time for cleaning and servicing your commercial HVAC unit to ensure that it is running at maximum efficiency. In turn, this will prolong the life of the unit and reduce operating costs over time.

Why Do You Require a Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plan?

Peace of mind

Hiring a qualified, commercial HVAC contractor to provide maintenance ensures that the equipment will always be operating optimally. One of the most frequent causes of HVAC malfunction is the lack of proper service and maintenance on electro-mechanical components.

Fixed Cost And Discounts

Having a maintenance plan means that there is a reasonable, fixed cost associated with maintaining your commercial HVAC equipment. When there are no additional service calls and unexpected repairs, you will save money over time because energy costs will be lower.


Preventative commercial HVAC maintenance performed by experienced technicians not only helps ensure that all of the equipment is working properly but also prevents a breakdown from occurring. In this regard, maintenance is a highly effective way to save money and prevent the loss of revenue associated with disrupted service.

Always Available

Owners of commercial HVAC equipment should consider having a professional contractor handle all maintenance tasks because these technicians are available around the clock for any problems.

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The K&R Mechanical Services team has the all the necessary know-how, tools, and experience to tackle any size project.