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Water and heat pumps are a common piece of equipment found in many factories, warehouses and large buildings. The main function of a pump is to send hot air into the building in the winter and to take the hot air out of the building in the summer. On the other hand, a water pump’s purpose is to move water from one place to another, but its secondary benefits of saving time and energy, should not be overlooked. Just like any other piece of equipment, your pump has a certain life expectancy.

Like anything mechanical, its performance will slowly decline as the unit starts to wear out. Typically, heat and water pumps can last anywhere from 10-15 years (depending on your particular heat pump and the manufacturer). If your heat pump is getting close to this age then it’s probably a good idea that you start looking into replacing the unit.

Signs You Need Commercial Water Pump Repairs in Houston, TX

Although pumps are durable machines that can last for decades, they will need some repair or maintenance. While you may be tempted to put off any repairs until the next scheduled service, this is not recommended. Here are some signs that you need commercial water pump repairs:

Increased Electric Costs

If your electric costs are climbing, it may be because the pump is malfunctioning in some way. This could signal any number of problems with the impellers, coils or other components that make up the machine.

Water Pressure Loss

A sudden drop in water pressure can lead to serious safety issues; for this reason, you should act quickly if you notice any problems. Other warning signs include an unusual amount of noise, heat or vibration.


If you discover leaks near or around your commercial water pump, they may be an indication that you will soon need repairs. A water leak could indicate a problem with one of many different components within the pump system.

Benefits of Commercial Heat Pumps

In recent years, these systems have been increasingly used in large buildings such as shopping centers, office complexes, homes, and schools. Here are some of the benefits that they have to offer:

Environmentally Friendly

One of the most important features of these systems is that they support environmental protection. Heat pumps are considered to be environmentally friendly because they don’t burn any fuel when extracting heat from outside and transferring it inside a building.

High Energy Efficiency

Electricity bills are significantly lower when using heat pumps. When used in conjunction with a reversed cycle air conditioning system, it can actually provide free heating.

Easy to Install

Their installation is also very cost-effective compared to conventional systems. For Houston, TX commercial HVAC pump maintenance and installation contact K&R Mechanical.

Common Heat Pump Problems

Short Cycling

If the pump is turning on and off too frequently, it may be because there’s a blockage in the system. You may have to call a professional to clear out any obstructions before you can get back to business as usual. K&R Mechanical is the HVAC company of choice for commercial heater pump repairs in Houston, TX.

Loud noises

If your heat pump is producing a loud screeching or grinding noise, it may be trying to tell you that there’s a problem.

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