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HVAC Building Automation Houston, TX

Hvac Building Automation Houston

Providing Smart HVAC Building Automation Houston, TX to Commercial Clients

Heating and cooling is one of the primary pieces of the puzzle to consider when designing a smart building. The term “smart building” typically refers to buildings that possess environmental controls that are connected to a central data system, allowing them to be monitored and controlled remotely.

An example would be heat sensors that can detect a room’s temperature and then send a signal to the HVAC system that shuts off the heater. This is just one small aspect of what intelligent buildings are capable of. That and more is what you get with Houston, TX HVAC building automation by K&R Mechanical.

Commercial HVAC Automation

HVAC systems in commercial buildings are now highly automated and intelligent. A popular type of commercial HVAC system automation that is quickly gaining traction is what is known as demand response (DR) systems.

Demand response (DR) systems are part of what is considered modern commercial HVAC system automation. As the name implies, demand response technology allows users to adjust their building’s temperature automatically in order to reduce energy usage at times when utilities experience high demands or costs. This will also reduce the chance of overloading transformer circuits and causing outages.

Demand response (DR) systems use both cooling and heating to cool or heat a building at the most efficient time possible. This cuts down on energy costs tremendously as well as helps utilities slow down the growth of peak demand, which is more expensive for them.

Our technicians provide the best Houston, TX commercial HVAC automation and are always available to answer your questions.

Wireless HVAC Solutions

The future of HVAC systems will be marked by greater connectivity to the internet, allowing for much more precise management. Thermostats nowadays for example can automatically adjust the temperature via Wi-Fi, saving users both time and money. It’s a pretty standard feature to have in most modern buildings.

Outside units that monitor environmental factors like humidity, rainfall or wind speed, to maximize energy efficiency, are also becoming popular. In a smart office, these outside units can also be connected to the internet and pass on information that will allow the HVAC system to automatically adjust settings.

Benefits of Smart HVAC Building Automation Systems

Increase Energy Savings

Buildings can better monitor how much energy is needed, helping to reduce energy usage. With systems that can also be remotely controlled, businesses can maximize their savings.

Increase Occupant Comfort

If automation allows the HVAC system to more accurately control temperatures throughout a building, occupants are less likely to experience temperature fluctuations. Sensors that detect changing conditions inside individual rooms provide better comfort, especially for those who suffer from certain medical conditions.

Improve Energy Sustainability

With an automated system, building management teams are able to better monitor how much energy is needed over a given period of time. Businesses will be able to cut back on energy wastage and better monitor their energy usage, making the whole process much more economical.

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