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Handling All Your Commerical Boiler Needs

Commercial boilers transport heated water to buildings for all their hot water needs, space heating, and sometimes steam production. These boilers are used in office buildings, schools, homes, factories, etc. Commercial boilers are also called Central Heating Boilers or CHBs.

To keep your boiler running at maximum efficiency, you require commercial boiler maintenance in Houston, TX and neighboring areas from K&R Mechanical.

Types of Commercial Boilers

There are two main types of commercial boilers – the gas-fired boiler and an oil-fired boiler. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

The gas-fired commercial boiler is most often used in large buildings because of its superior efficiency over oil-fired boilers. Gas has become more affordable to use as fuel and technological advancement is making gas even more efficient. Most CHBs use natural gas because it tends to be a cheaper energy source. Commercial boilers can use propane, butane, or other types of flammable gases as well.

The oil-fired commercial boiler is used because of its ability to fire up quickly and deliver heat within 30 minutes after starting the flame. It also provides for better distribution of heat within a building than natural gas. For better or worse, oil is more expensive than gas and it produces greater air pollution than gas-fired commercial boilers. Also, the lifespan of an oil-fired CHB is shorter than its gas counterpart.

Reasons Boiler Maintenance Is Important

Typically, commercial boilers should be inspected every year. This is because of regular wear and tear that it can suffer during its years of service. The time between inspection depends on the type of boiler used, the size of the building it serves, and the maintenance routine of the building’s manager.

Lower Risk of System Failure

One of the main reasons to have a boiler maintained by a qualified professional is because it prevents the risk of system failure. System failure, in turn, reduces the overall equipment life span and can result in unnecessary costs for purchasing new commercial boilers or major boiler repairs in Houston, TX and nearby areas.

Ensure Efficiency Levels are High

When regular maintenance is provided for a commercial boiler, it ensures the unit will run at peak efficiency. By keeping parts lubricated and running smoothly, it can operate longer without needing major repairs or replacement. That is why you need prime Houston, TX commercial boiler services from K&R Mechanical.

Save on Energy

Regular maintenance of a commercial boiler will help the building save on energy costs. When parts are lubricated and running efficiently, there is no need to increase the thermostat. Also, maintaining high levels of efficiency not only reduces heating bills but minimizes air pollution as well (when using gas-fired commercial boilers).

Longer Life Span

A major benefit of maintaining a commercial boiler is that it can help to prolong its useful life. By catching small signs of system degradation, changes in the pressure and temperature inside the boiler can be detected before they become a large problem. This results in less downtime and lowers costs associated with heating system repair or replacement.

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Commercial boilers are a crucial source of heat and steam for large buildings. But, they require regular maintenance to ensure the buildings they serve get maximum comfort and operational efficiency. Contact K&R Mechanical today for commercial boiler repair in Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

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