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Computer Room AC (CRAC) in Houston, TX

Computer Server Room Ac Crac Houston

Keeping Computer Rooms Cool in Houston, TX

CRAC units have become increasingly popular in today’s business environment. The main reason is that companies are incorporating more and more heat-generating components into their computers, while at the same time trying to cut costs by moving towards energy-efficient units.

Having cooled air flow over the heat-generating components, like the CPU and GPU, prevents critical failure of these expensive parts. That is why you should call K&R Mechanical for reliable Houston, TX computer room HVAC services.

What is a CRAC Unit?

A CRAC unit or computer room air conditioner is a large version of the standard window AC units you see in most homes. In fact, they function very similarly to one another. The only difference is the size and rated capacity. A traditional window unit may be able to cool one room comfortably, while a CRAC unit might have the ability to cool an entire floor of an office building.

Air conditioning for computer rooms can be used as a supplemental cooling method, but will not work effectively on its own. They are primarily placed in server rooms or data storage facilities with many servers that produce huge amounts of heat.

A CRAC unit’s main function is to cool the air that passes through it, but also to remove humidity from an intake source such as an AC unit, or a ventilation system. Their cooling capacity has increased over time with advancements in technology and more companies are beginning to use them due to their energy-efficient capabilities.

Some Facts About CRAC Units

Here are some facts relating to CRAC units that you should know if your business is considering them for installation.

  1. These units are designed to remove heat from the computer room
  2. CRAC units are used in server rooms
  3. They do not filter or purify air
  4. CRAC units must be vented to the outside
  5. Computer room AC units come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the amount of heat being generated by the computers
  6. They are often used as supplemental cooling devices, instead of as the main cooling method

Why Should a Computer Room Be Kept Cool?

Computers are extremely sensitive to variations in temperature, humidity and air quality. Any changes in these conditions are likely to cause costly damage to your hardware investment. With affordable Houston, TX CRAC services, this can be avoided.
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Where Should I Install My CRAC unit?

The location of the CRAC unit is important for several reasons. When considering where to place your unit, you will want to consider the following:

  1. How much space is available?
  2. What is the computer capacity?
  3. Is there a requirement for multiple CRAC units if it becomes necessary in the future to upgrade or add on to your configuration?
  4. Will my unit be noticed by the users?

It is also important to consider any other machinery that may run close to the CRAC unit. Having a CRAC unit near other machinery or equipment will help to reduce the overall noise as well as allow for more efficient operation.

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Contact K&R Mechanical if you would like more information on CRAC units or have some questions about how they might benefit your business. We are a trusted leader in the computer room HVAC services in Houston, TX and surrounding areas for more than 35 years.

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