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What Are Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems?

A VRF system is a distinct cooling system for commercial buildings. The acronym ‘VRF’ stands for variable refrigerant flow, which means that the amount of energy used by fans to push the refrigerant through air-conditioning units is variable (able to change). For expert Houston, TX VRF system services, contact K&R Mechanical today.

As opposed to most HVAC systems found in commercial buildings, VRF systems are centrally controlled and individually monitored. This means that each air-conditioning unit is connected to one another (each unit has its controller) and all of the controllers are connected to a central cooling plant. This allows for much more efficient heating, ventilation, and air conditioning than would be possible with individual control panels for each unit.

Where Are VRF Systems Used?

In commercial buildings, this concept of variable flow can save on energy costs, while also maintaining a comfortable environment for people to work in. Typically, VRF systems are found in larger commercial buildings, such as hotels, hospitals, office towers, shopping malls and college campuses.

Advantages of VRF Systems in Commercial Buildings

Some of the advantages to using VRF systems include the ability to separate heating and cooling, as well as the ease of being able to control these systems remotely.

Energy Savings

The biggest benefits of VRF systems are energy savings. These systems can be connected to an HVAC monitoring system that will track how much heating and cooling is being used by the building, which allows for better overall control over the environment.

In addition, centralizing these systems makes it easier to maintain them, while also cutting down on installation costs. K&R Mechanical provides reliable Houston, TX VRF system maintenance services.

VRF Systems Can be Quieter Than Conventional Systems

The nature of VRF systems, which use one or more individual air conditioning units and a central cooling plant, allows them to utilize smaller fans that rotate slowly and thus produce less noise. This can be particularly helpful in workplaces where employees are trying to concentrate on their work.

Building Managers Can Get More Data

VRF systems provide building managers with more data than they would get from separate HVAC units. This can help them determine which rooms or floors require more heating and cooling, as well as what times of day these adjustments should be made.

If a commercial building is going to be built from scratch or have a renovation done, it might be worth considering a VRF system. Contact K&R Mechanical for guidance.

Types of VRF Systems

VRF systems come in two forms: ducted and non-ducted. Ducted systems require small holes to be drilled into ceilings and walls, while non-ducted systems do not have any physical connection to the other air conditioners in the system. Both types offer advantages to their users. You can learn more about them by contacting K&R Mechanical, the VRF system experts in Houston, TX and neighboring areas.

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