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Commercial chillers are large machines that range in size depending on their intended use. They are usually found outdoors or inside warehouses where they are used to keep the temperature of a large area cool. The average commercial chiller usually requires a technician’s attention every six months.

Chillers use a lot of energy as compared to other forms of cooling because their primary function is to remove heat from an area. Common uses include medical applications, dry cleaning, specialty HVAC, plastics, lab usage, metal production and others. You can find the best chiller brands and top-class air cooled chiller repairs in Houston, TX at K&R Mechanical.

What is a Chiller?

A chiller is a machine that is used to remove heat from an area or object and transfer it to another. This process, called refrigeration, commonly uses the evaporation of a liquid into a gas and the condensation of that gas back into its liquid form.

How Does a Chiller Work?

Chillers work by using the compressor in the machine to compress a refrigerant fluid into a hot gas inside of coils which are water-cooled. When the refrigerant turns back into its liquid form, it is then able to evaporate and absorb heat. The cold fluid is pushed into the cooling coils which cause the area around it to cool down. This process works continuously until power is cut off or there is a malfunction in the machine.

Types of Chillers

There are three different types of chillers: gas-fired, electric-fired, and water-source. The most common type of chiller is the electric-fired or compressor chiller because it is efficient and does an excellent job when it comes to cooling different processes or buildings.

Who Needs Commercial Chillers?

A chiller is needed when the area in which you want to stay cool does not have good ventilation and an air conditioning unit can’t be installed. The need for a chiller arises when there is a large number of people or we are dealing with a bigger than usual coverage area.

Chillers are often used in warehouses, labs, manufacturing sites, or other large areas where good ventilation is present, but people still want to keep the temperature down. They can also be used in hospitals and other medical facilities where keeping a cool temperature is important for patient comfort.

Common Problems That Affect Chillers

Poor Maintenance

If your commercial chiller is not well maintained, it can lead to problems with its operating efficiency. A lack of maintenance can cause the machine to break down and malfunction, which usually results in high repair costs. To avoid this, contact us for water cooled chiller maintenance in Houston, TX and neighboring areas.


If the copper tubing that connects the machine to the cooling coils becomes corroded, it can lower its ability to transfer heat. This will cause your commercial chiller to break down sooner than expected

Electrical Problems

Electrical issues in chillers come in many forms. The use of poor quality wiring can lead to electrical breakdowns, which will require a qualified technician to be called out for Houston, TX commercial chiller repairs. If the machine’s main power supply is improperly installed, a blackout or fluctuating voltage can result, either way, it will cause malfunction.

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